Falouse [pronounced Fa-loose] started in 2017 as a passion project by its London based founders that wanted to build a brand which produced luxury clothing crafted with the finest materials.

In 2021 in what can only be described as a story crafted from a fairytale. A successful high profile American entrepreneur and former Bad Boy records recording artist Amir ‘Loon’ Junaid Muhadith, previously known from the R&B and Hip Hop music scene, came across the company and believed there was potential to elevate the small brand to the next level to become a household name.

With a new lease of life, the London based founders and Amir rebranded the company under the name Falouse which means ‘money’ and ‘wealth’ in Arabic. 

Amir and the London based founders have woven together their influences from London and New York fashion to produce high quality and richly crafted products that are not just beautiful pieces but feel amazing. They want every customer to feel like they are adorned with wealth and value every time they put on a Falouse product.

This dedication and passion to create a luxury brand made from the best quality materials is at the foundation of everything we do. We are not just driven by making sure our brand is synonymous with luxury but also injects positivity. This is why we are proud partners of PaidMeals, a Pay-it-Forward App.

PaidMeals aims to become one of the biggest vehicles for eliminating food waste by allowing donors to buy food for people in need through participating food vendors. Our partnership will support and contribute to a unified approach in accelerating the efforts to tackle the hunger crisis and hopefully bring about a positive change.

With a multi-location base in the United Kingdom and United States we are strategically positioned to be able to serve customers all over the world, and would be thrilled to serve you.